Fatwood Handled Firesteels for Bushcraft or Survival

Brand new on our site!
Great for Bushcraft, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, EDC, or Survival. Waterproof fire lighting for the great outdoors. Thousands of lights! When you scrape them with a piece of hard steel such as knife, hacksaw blade, or even a key, these emit long lasting sparks of over 3000 degrees. The best scraper is high carbon steel as is used for our small antler scraper using recycled tools.
Fatwood is easy to light even in wet conditions because of their 80% resin content and produce extremely hot flames. I prefer to shave, the wood, with a knife and the shavings used to start the fire; so each stick will start a number of fires.

The leather is made from recycling factory offcuts.
Please bear in mind that fatwood is a natural product so no two are exactly the same.

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