• Orange Handled Firesteel & Scraper in a Pouch

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    Please consult the pictures and details below BEFORE making a final choice and buying.  With this in mind I have tried to show the colours to the best of our abilities, but variations between monitors makes an exact colour representation impossible. The lighting conditions on pictures on the stump (As Above) and the graph paper are deliberately different to help you appreciate the colours and sizes.

    This is not a toy and is not intended for children. Adult supervision is highly recommended for children and expert advice for the bigger kids!

    Fire steel

    These Ferrocerium flint rods are approx. mm by mm (excluding handle some of the rod is in the finished handle). Thousands of lights!  When you scrape them with a piece of hard steel such as the back of a knife or hacksaw blade, these emit long lasting sparks of over 3000 degrees.


    Fire Lighting

    When the flint is struck against the steel, or vice versa, a spark is thrown.  Tinder can be used to catch the spark; it should be shredded up and unravelled and formed into a sort of nest. Put more kindling on top as it catches alight and you can build a fire from there.  The flint can be used to light numerous substances including petrol, paraffin, tinder card, cotton wool, amadou tinder, kapok, shredded paper, birch bark, charcloth and I'm sure many other items.


    I have tried to help you appreciate the size by taking some of the photographs on a graph paper background.
    I hope the pictures are clear enough for you to work out the sizes.

    You are welcome to get in touch and ask questions BEFORE buying. I will try to answer as quickly and fully as I can.