• EDC Pencil Sharpener Keyring Tinder Maker

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    Please consult the pictures and details below BEFORE making a final choice and buying.  With this in mind I have tried to show the colours to the best of our abilities, but variations between monitors makes an exact colour representation impossible. The lighting conditions on pictures on the stump (As Above) and the graph paper are deliberately different to help you appreciate the colours and sizes.

    This is not a toy and is not intended for children. Adult supervision is highly recommended for children and expert advice for the bigger kids!

    No great surprises here it is a pencil sharpener.

    Used with twigs having two sharpening holes with one larger than an ordinary pencil it is easier to find a dry twig to fit, and you have a backup if a blade gets blunt.

    Easily carried as a backup during everyday activities you can attach it to your keyring, pencil case, clip board, walking stick, binoculars etc.


    • Easy to carry as a backup when driving, walking, hiking, orienteering, scouts, bushcraft, hunting, sailing, survival kit...etc

    • Unlike a knife this is not an offensive weapon

    • Made from Aluminium and more robust than plastic

    • With two different sized sharpening holes you have a backup if one blunts

    • Use to sharpen pencils!

    • Outer length of approximately 26mm (Not including keyring)

    • Width of approximately 24mm (Not including keyring)

    • Thickness of approximately 13mm max (Not including keyring)

    • Lighweight at approximately 9g (Including keyring)

    I have tried to help you appreciate the size by taking some of the photographs on a graph paper background.
    I hope the pictures are clear enough for you to work out the sizes.

    You are welcome to get in touch and ask questions BEFORE buying. I will try to answer as quickly and fully as I can.