• 50 x Sulphur or Brimstone Spills for Re-enactors, LARP, Bushcraft, Survival etc


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    This is not a toy and adult supervision is highly recommended for children and expert advice for the bigger kids!

    This sale is for 2 bundles of spills making 50 spills in total.

    These spills have been dipped into sulphur at both ends so they can be used twice! There are 25 spills in each bundle, so being able to use both ends will give you 100 lights!

    These spills are used to get a light from a glowing ember such as char-cloth, and as such are useful in lighting candles.  Simply placing the tip of the spill against a glowing ember will cause it to light with blue flame, but is difficult to see when only the sulphur is burning.  You can often be sure it is alight as the sulphur may drip, bubble and you will be able to smell its pungent fumes.  Sulphur, or Brimstone, spills cannot be accidentally ignited by friction and need over 400 degrees C of heat to ignite.

    It is believed that sulphur spills have been in use for thousands of years.  Prior to the invention of the friction match, in 1827, sulphur splints were used by most people.  This type of splint was often kept in a traditional tinderbox.

    These spills are, partially, handmade so each one will be slightly different as in the picture above.

    Beware the when only the sulphur is lit it can be very hard to see, but the sulphur does begin to bubble as in the middle picture above, it may also drip burning sulphur. Only when the wood of the spill lights is the flame more easily visible (See pictures).